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Under the prevailing business environment, a company has to depend on a very strong company culture to develop and sustain growth.  Our company culture is not based on abstract concepts but realistic and practical continuous actions to enrich and improve.

Our company culture encompasses our company vision, philosophy, core values, human resource management, quality product and quality policy.

Business Philosophy
Development -  Development is essential to business.
Hard Work    -  Effort is focus and continuous.
Truth             -  Progress with practical and factual approach.
Innovation     -  Achieve success through change and adaptation.

Core Values  
Create a good prospect for the company; establish a good working environment for the employees and manufacture quality products for the customers.

Quality Product
Pursue quality excellence that is able to meet customers¡¯ requirements. 
Good quality products is the lifeline to the company.

Quality Policy

Integrated Controls - Every departments are interlinked and cooperate in accordance to the quality management system.  Effective controls are integrated from product design, production to customer service in order to be able to meet customers expectations.

Total Employees Involvement ¨C Quality is everybody business and with the ultimate goal of supplying customers with good quality products. 

Customer oriented-we strive to meet or exceed out customer¡¯s  requirements.
Increase our market competitiveness and form partnership with out customers.